Factual Power Loss Diminution by Enhanced Frog Leaping Algorithm

  • Kanagasabai Lenin Department of EEE, Prasad V.Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, India (IN)


This paper proposes Enhanced Frog Leaping Algorithm (EFLA) to solve the optimal reactive power problem. Frog leaping algorithm (FLA) replicates the procedure of frogs passing though the wetland and foraging deeds. Set of virtual frogs alienated into numerous groups known as “memeplexes”. Frog’s position’s turn out to be closer in every memeplex after few optimization runs and certainly, this crisis direct to premature convergence. In the proposed Enhanced Frog Leaping Algorithm (EFLA) the most excellent frog information is used to augment the local search in each memeplex and initiate to the exploration bound acceleration. To advance the speed of convergence two acceleration factors are introduced in the exploration plan formulation. Proposed Enhanced Frog Leaping Algorithm (EFLA) has been tested in standard IEEE 14,300 bus test system and simulation results show the projected algorithm reduced the real power loss considerably.


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K. Lenin, “Factual Power Loss Diminution by Enhanced Frog Leaping Algorithm ”, J. Appl. Sci. Eng. Technol. Educ., vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 114-118, Jul. 2020.